Gu Shu Single Origin Song Zhong 古樹單株宋種

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Gu Shu Single Origin Song Zhong

Song Zhong tea may exhibit a range of flavours, including fruits, floral notes, nuts, and honey, depending on the tea tree's growing environment and subtle variations in the processing.

Gu Shu Single Origin Song Zhong the leaves revealed a distinctive hint of dried pineapple. The liquour, resembling the rich hue of a fine bourbon, possesses a clear clarity. Upon savoring the liquid, the tea embodies all the expected qualities of a Song Zhong and beyond.

Early infusions of the tea brought forth a discernible essence of dried pineapple along with subtle roasted undertones. Subsequent infusions unveiled robust dried fruit characteristics. An enjoyable, hydrating quality, paired with an enduring sweetness, lingers on the palate for hours even after the tea has been enjoyed to its entirety.

Overall, Song Zhong tea is highly esteemed, cherished for its unique flavour and quality, making it a favoured choice among tea enthusiasts

  • Antioxidant Level: Medium
  • Caffeine Content: High
  • Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Product Code:LG417

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